i can fly. jackson hole, wyoming.

My new favorite place is Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  We were out for yet another wedding and had the most wonderful time.  I have so many pictures it will take me a while to sort through.  

For one highlight (paragliding),  I made a quick pull.   The chance to fly over the exposed Teton mountains was not to be missed.  The summer was at a peak and I went on the first run, with perfect morning light.

Begin 7 am.  Get to the top of the mountain and this is your view. However,  I am wondering how exactly we get the wind in our sail.   ( I was told that actually there was no wind, so we were going to create some.  hmm..)

_DSC7875Look behind.  Yep, there’s the sail.  Still not sure how this is going to work. Look left.  10 year old little lady not afraid at all.  Apparently the only requirement is that you must weigh 40 pounds.  She might be just that.


And then you run (yes, just run down hill..)  And the wind fills the parachute, and you are off.

And then its calm.  I took these about 30 seconds after we took off.


And after a safe landing,  here is a look back up. (below)


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