Brand Startup Coaching Call

Brand Startup Coaching Call


Are you new to this industry and want to discuss the essential how-to's of selling your brand?

Our seasoned Senior Account Executive & Brand Consultant, Holly, has had extensive experience in the world of wholesale and retail, as a senior buyer, account executive, and a field coordinator, collecting competitive market analysis for popular brands sold at major speciality and department stores.

During this 45-minute consultation you can cover topics like:

  • The ins and outs of selling direct-to-consumer and/ or to a wholesale market

  • How to price your goods: what is a healthy margin and realistic retail?

  • What designs to start with first: learn what's seasonally appropriate, based on your start/ launch date. (Did you know fall drops in June at Nordstrom?)

  • How many styles can I start with or should I launch with?

  • Decisions and considerations that could potentially lower your overall overhead.

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