5 Common Tech Pack Mistakes made by Startup Fashion Designers

Starting out in the fashion industry can be overwhelming, and one of the most important things you need to get right is your tech pack. This document tells manufacturers everything they need to know about your design, from measurements and materials to construction details. While working with over 200 brands since 2020, we have seen a lot of tech packs, and there are some common mistakes we see beginner designers make. Here are six of the most common mistakes made by startup fashion designers:

1. Missing Specs

Make sure to include all measurements, both flat and garment, as well as finished product dimensions. This will ensure that your manufacturer can make the piece to your exact specifications. Often, beginning designers are unsure of what specs they want so they leave this information out, but it's better to have too much information than not enough. One tip we provide designers is to purchase reference garments similar to the garment they want to make and build the specs off of it or modify the specs for any changes that need to be made.

2. Missing Tolerance

Tolerance is the margin of error that is acceptable when making a garment. For example, if your specifications call for a finished bust measurement of 36”, but you allow for a ½” tolerance, then the manufacturer can sew the garment with a finished bust measurement of anywhere between 35½” and 36½” and it will still be within your acceptable range. Or another example: if a tech pack says a garment should be 100cm long with a 5% tolerance, that means the final product can be up to 105cm long.

To reduce risk and uncertainty, setting tolerance is crucial to building a strong partnership with your manufacturer. Without this information, the manufacturer may produce your garment out of spec from your desired product leaving you unhappy dealing with QC issues at the end of your project.

3. Missing Clear Point of Measurement Illustrations

In order to avoid any confusion, be sure to include clear and concise illustrations of where each point of measurement (PoM) should be taken. This will ensure that the manufacturer takes the measurements in the correct place, yielding more accurate results.

Beginning designers often just purchase a tech pack with the design illustration and summarize material construction but forget to include the actual measurement illustrations. This makes it extremely difficult for a pattern maker to interpret your design idea leading to a poor quality first sample that will require additional revisions. If you display PoM in the illustration, it makes the pattern-making process more efficient yielding better results during the sample development process.

4. Bad Visuals / Fashion Illustrations

Your tech pack should include high-resolution illustrations of your design idea. Time and time again, we receive poor quality tech packs that include bad drawings of products that render a tech pack useless. There are many cheap contractors selling tech pack services but you sacrifice quality and a clear outline of your product if you don't partner with a consultant experienced in apparel construction and fashion design. The goal of the fashion illustration is to be an accurate line drawing of your product so that all individuals working on your project can recognize your product.

5. No Construction Callouts/Information

Your tech pack should also include construction details, such as what type of seam to use, what kind of interfacing to apply, and where buttonholes should be placed. Without this information, the manufacturer may not know how to put your garment together correctly, which could result in a poor-quality product.

Because beginning designer's tech packs so often lack these critical elements, their garments are often made incorrectly, which can result in costly mistakes. By taking the time to include all of the necessary information in your tech pack, you can avoid these common mistakes and produce a high-quality garment that meets your specifications.

If you're unsure about how to create a tech pack, we offer tech pack services that will help you get started. We also offer a free tech pack template that you can use to create your own tech pack. For more information about fashion tech packs, 皇家真人下载_靠谱:sample development services, business consulting, or clothing production, contact us today. We love helping emerging fashion designers bring their ideas to life! 😊